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Welcome to Alex "AJ" Cummings Website!
My name is AJ Cummings and as you may know, I am running as Lt Governor along with Chad Grimm as Governor for Illinois.

Ask around and you'll find many folks are realizing they aren't Left or Right, they're Libertarian. The idea that a government can be both socially tolerant and fiscally responsible isn't so far-fetched anymore. People are tired of the reckless spending, corruption and indifference which has plagued Illinois politics for far too long. People are starting to do something about it.

Protecting the constitutional rights of the individual is paramount when considering governmental laws or policies. The first four rights in the US Constitution all protect individual liberties and our laws should reflect this critical construct.


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Illinois finds itself in a financial crisis and state leaders need to listen to the outcries of the people of Illinois that demand strong, decisive and logical solutions to decrease expenditures and shrink the government. A specific part of our plan is that every department in the state (with the exception of the Department of Education) would need to carve out a 10% reduction in their budgets and the Department of Commerce and Economic Development will need to be shrunk drastically.

If elected a freedom loving Governor and Lt Gov will be in office to protect our rights, be vigilant against additional laws and use the executive powers to decrease the burdens of regulation that bureaucracies have created. Please vote for Chad Grimm and AJ Cummings.